Why This Girl Goes Solo And Why You Should Too

Waiting on friends usually ends up like this: 

You either don’t go because you fear traveling solo.


Friend: “Girl you always get good deals on flights, let me know when you find one.”

Me: Finds a glitch fare to the Philippines for less than $200 and tells friend.

Friend: “Oh wow, girl, let me know when you book.”

Me: Books flight and tells friend.

Friend: “Oh, ok girl. I’m booking tonight when I get off work.”

Two weeks later.

Friend: “Girl, I need to bathe my pet snake. My sister’s boyfriend’s father’s friend’s uncle broke his ankle, and it’s really upsetting, I can’t even talk about it. I’m waiting for the next solar eclipse. I need to spend some time thinking of more excuses as to why I cannot go with you, and that takes a lot of work you know so I’m just not going to be able to go.

Me: Gone Solo


Solo travel sounds scary, doesn’t it? Who will I talk to? Who will take my pictures? You mean I have to eat alone? *Gasp* what about clubbing? I can’t do that alone!

Growing up, solo was a way of life. I was an only child up until nine, and by the time my little brother was born I was used to being by myself; his birth didn’t change that because I really wanted a little sister. If you’re reading this, I love you little bro.

As I got older, I would go to many places by myself; the mall, movies, cafes, museums, art galleries, restaurants (*gasp* I sat at a table instead of the bar), and lounges. So, it wasn’t a surprise that I would eventually tackle solo travel.

I was a little hesitant at first, but after some thought, I realized that the only difference I would experience was a new location. Meaning that when I travel solo, I will do the same things there that I do here; bars, beaches, take selfies and awkwardly chat up cute guys meet new people.

What I was not expecting was the unsullied (GOT anyone?) kindness of strangers. Strangers who were excited to show me around their city, who invited me to their homes, who became family. Solo travel does not mean that you’re lonely or alone, you will meet people along the way, and they will change your life. I find that it is easier to make those connections while traveling alone. People really go out of their way to look out for you; it’s like some secret code.

While I meet some really awesome people, I also get to enjoy “me time.” This allows me to process my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, and it helps me to reflect on situations in my life while bringing clarity to the surface. Everyone needs an opportunity to delve deeper into themselves and gain insight.

New dope friends + me time = I get to do what I want when I want. No negotiation, no compromise. My itinerary is open, and I can sleep for as long or as little as I want. I don’t have to worry about someone not liking the activities and complaining about it along the way. I meet someone new, and they suggest a cool event? I can do it since my whole trip is not already mapped out. If my anti-socialness (don’t even) kicks in and I want to be alone, I don’t have to feel guilty about it. I am the master of my time.

These are my reasons for traveling solo based on my experiences and will vary from traveler to traveler. Everyone should try it at least once. The confidence boost that you’ll receive from traveling solo will reflect in your everyday life and help you to face many challenges. If you can do “it” in different countries, with various languages, diverse landscapes, contrasting cultures, and alone, you can certainly do it at home.

Until next time,

Gone Solo

  • 👊🏻 sister! I couldn’t agree with you more on how amazing and important it can be to take me-time and go on solo journeys. I do that once a year and take a 3-week self-care, me-Time trip alone without my husband or son. It completely revives my spirit and let’s me reconnect to myself. Love your post and gorgeous pics!

  • This resonates so hard with me! I can’t believe how much time I wasted waiting for someone to go with me! I wish someone would have just said “hobby yourself, it will be ok.” I love to read about other women breaking the stigma of solo travel

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