Why Black Women Should Travel

As a black immigrant woman traveling is revolutionary. Regardless of what the media portrays, what people believe or think, I show up, I show out, and I represent. You can take it or leave it, but this black girl gone solo is bringing all her magic, beauty, awkwardness, intelligence, flavor, and spunk. In honor of Black History Month, I share why black women should travel.


Zora Neale Hurston was not off when she said that black women were the mules of the world. The world may not want us to be great but take some time and focus on you. When we travel, we do it for us. Whether we are relaxing on a beach and sipping cocktails or climbing mountains, this is our moment to give back to us. Let down those twist outs and braids and worry about you.

Share your dopeness with the world

Am I biased? Heck yea! Black women are the dopest human beings in the world. We need to share it. In all our grandeur, leaving shea butter and gold highlights trailing after our every step. The world doesn’t deserve us but heck, just let them bask in our glory. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. Bring all of you; awkward black girls, twerk queens, boss chicks, bring it all. Trust they need it.

To be ourselves

….and get away from toxic environments. I’m not crazy enough to think that there is one place that is better for black women. Colorism, racism, sexism, exists everywhere, unfortunately. At times, you will travel to places where you will be the only black face for miles. While that may come with some anxiety, I like to think that for a moment, you and only you get to dictate what anyone else sees. Yes, they may have their perceptions which are formed by biased media reports; however, it may be the first time they’ve encountered someone like you, and regardless their beliefs, you can only be you. This may or may not change their minds, but YOU GET TO BE YOU AND ONLY YOU.

Last but not least, travel to celebrate and honor the black women that came before us who crossed oceans to give us a better life. Black women who moved through their words and spoke to our soul. Black women who worked hard to paved a path for us to enjoy life 35,000 feet in the air. Black women who carried the world on their shoulders, and planted and nourished the soil so we can enjoy the fruits. We owe it to them to see the world. A world they birthed. A world where they sacrificed so much.

Happy Black History Month!

Until next time,

Gone Solo

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