Solo Travel Can Be Challenging

I don’t always travel solo. This month I am with my crew; we sometimes move in together to work on business projects, and this time we chose to call Las Vegas home. We’ve had some interesting conversations about life, money, business, and travel. During one of our talks on travel I mentioned, to their surprise, that sometimes traveling solo can be challenging.

I am in a lot of traveling groups and come across many posts where people are lamenting about friends or family flaking on a trip and asking advice on what to do. Many times, others will respond by saying “go solo” (yours truly is guilty of that of course). However, I’ve come to realize that solo travel is not for everyone and that’s okay.

I encourage everyone to experience different types of travel such as groups, baecations, girl trips, and solo travel to figure out what they enjoy. I have tried all including mother/daughter trips but solo travel has always been my favorite. However, solo travel can be challenging at times. You deserve a full picture so you can make the best decision and if you decide that solo travel is not what’s hot, that’s cool. The advice and tips that I provide can be applied to trips with friends and family.

I Get So Lonely

Solo travel can get lonely. You may meet people and make new friends on some trips, but that may not always be the case and depending on the type of person you are that can be trying. There have been times when I was traveling alone and wished I could share a special moment with someone. Like the first time I arrived at Chefchaouen and saw all the beautiful blue architecture or that one time I stumbled across this amazing restaurant in Colombia and had to enjoy the mouth-watering food and wine by myself. In both scenarios, I wished I could share it with a loved one.

Take A Picture

Get your selfie game up or learn to use a self-timer and tripod because you will not have someone to take your picture, and as much as we love to explore and see new things, we also want to #doitforthegram. You will have the option of asking strangers to take your picture but I’ve come across too many bad “photographers,” and then there’s the art of picking out who you will trust with your phone or camera (a whole other story) soooooo….bring a selfie stick. Look on the bright side, this is the perfect time to turn the camera towards something else. *wink*

About The Money

Depending on my mood and location, my travels can range from frugal to extravagant. But regardless of my budget, solo travel is more expensive. You do not have the luxury of splitting accommodations or taxis, Uber/Lyft with someone else. There is a thing called a single supplement fee that some companies charge you because you’re traveling alone (so unfair).

Safety Dance

The other challenging aspect of traveling is safety. When you’re traveling by yourself you don’t have another person watching your back. It is all on you. This has stopped many solo travelers that I speak with to forgo doing certain things like going to a club at night because of the fear that something bad may happen. There are still risks with traveling in groups but those risks tend to increase when you’re on your own. I am not a club person so you will not catch me in one at home or abroad, but I do enjoy a great speakeasy lounge or bar and solo travel does not stop me from going. However, I take many precautions and remain alert at all times and I keep it at 2 alcoholic drinks maximum.

Ultimately you can figure out my stance on solo travel. However, I will not deny that it can be challenging at times. Girl Gone Solo is where I share my solo travel adventures and experiences and while I want to encourage you to not wait on anyone which sometimes means you’ll have to travel solo, I want to be transparent about the not so amazing things about traveling alone so you can make an informed decision.

Did I miss anything? What are some other challenges of solo travel?

Until next time,

Gone Solo

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