My favorite 2018 Travel App: Sygic Travel

So far in 2018, I’ve been to Haiti, Las Vegas, Atlanta, throughout Florida, Dubai, and Cape Town. The year is still young, so I have many more trips to take. I’m always on the go and need tools that can to make the process smoother and less daunting. I’m the kind of traveler that tends to land in new places with no idea of what I will be doing. As long as my flight is booked and I have at least one-night accommodation, I am good to do.  If you’re like me and tend to go where the wind blows, you’ll love the Sygic Travel app.

With the Sygic Travel app, I barely plan anything; it does all the work for me. I simply type in the date and place I am visiting, and Sygic Travel does the rest. This travel app has a lot of information and function. I love to read the About section to learn about the history of the location I am visiting, and there’s also safety tips, lodging and car rental information, must-see places and weather updates.

Right now, I am in Cape Town, and I have been using the map section extensively since I rented a car to get around. As a solo traveler, this app makes my life much more manageable. You don’t have to go everywhere the app recommends, but it does help you get your bearings and for those days when you’re not sure what to do it offers great suggestions.

One of my favorite feature of the app is for those traveling with friends and family. Planning a group trip can be difficult as you try to get everyone together and accommodate all needs. With Sygic Travel, everyone can download the app and be added as a participant to the particular trip, to plan it together directly in the app. How cool is that?

So, go on, download the app and let Sygic Travel help you see the world.

Have a favorite travel app? Let me know about it below!

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