The only souvenir I buy whenever I travel

Buying souvenirs when traveling is an exciting part of any trip. All of the colorful and shiny trinkets staring at you. Some are cheap mass-produced products, and others are of higher quality and locally made pieces. While I usually opt to support local business owners, I seldom purchase souvenirs, because, #teamjustlooking and #teamcarryonidonthavespaceinmybag. However, there is one souvenir that I buy no matter where I visit, and that is postcards.

Whenever I get to a new destination, the first thing I look for is postcards and stamps. I have all of my families’ and close friends’ addresses in my agenda and phone, and I write a quick note and mail it to them. Sitting at a coffee shop or park (people watching, reflecting, and jotting down my experiences, feelings, memories, and thoughts at that moment to share with my loved ones) is the perfect way to do it. I also mail one to myself and store them in a box at home to periodically stroll down memory lane.

I’m always touched when I look back and read the messages to myself. Most are funny, a few speak of loneliness experienced while traveling solo, others compare past countries and cities, and some just want to hurry up and head to the next destination. It is like stumbling on a time capsule. I am instantly shifted to that exact moment.

I love receiving postcards from friends, and I know it is a pleasant gift for them as well. Postcards last longer than any other souvenirs I have ever collected, and they mean so much to me.

Do you collect any souvenirs on your travels? I would love for you to share them with me below!